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TRIVOREX® neutralizing absorbent is intended to tackle all types of liquid chemical accidental spills: acids, bases, oxidizing and reducing agents, oils, hydrocarbons...

The way it works: double action, both on absorption and neutralization of chemicals.

Bearing color indicators, it helps to identify a base or an acid and to know when neutralization is completed.

Highly innovative, it provides a Two in one solution

Major advantages

  • Its universal effectiveness on all liquid products, and thereby eliminating risks of error regarding treatment option.
  • It thus ensures operators and stakeholders, on the spill area, an immediate hazard decrease and a simple and unique solution for all cases.
  • Further key advantage: TRIVOREX® neutralizing absorbent is not toxic.
  • Available in 700 g shaker, 10 kg buckets and bulk

Perfectly safe for user and the environment, capable of neutralizing chemicals' aggressivity before their disposal, it is a response to all spills in total compliance with legislation.

18H076 = 700 Gram Shaker

18H077 = 10 Kilo Bucket