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DRESSILK® dressing temporarily covers superficial cutaneous wounds (superficial burns, split-thickness graft donor sites, clean superficial wounds and granulation tissue), creating a primary barrier to protect the wound.

It completely conforms to the shape of the wound, helping the patient to be free with his/her moves.

As soon as the barrier dressing is set up, there is no need of painful changes for the patient, and the dressing can stay on the wound, up to it falls, after a complete healing.

100% natural silk, it is completely safe and very soft when touched.

Its tranparency helps to follow wound evolution at the healing process beginning, in order to facilitate medical assessment and nursing care.

18DS01 - SILK1010 DRESSILK® 10x10cm (pack of 10)

18DS02 - SILK2030 DRESSILK® 20x30cm (pack of 10)